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Hongte Fertilizer(Shanxi) Co., Ltd. is a professional new water-soluble fertilizer high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production, marketing and scientific fertilization guidance. The company is headquartered in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, and has a production plant located in Jiaocheng, the most important energy and chemical base in China. Transportation is convenient, resources are abundant, and the best environment for producing high-quality nitrate and phosphate is available. The annual output of nitrate reaches 100,000 tons. The main products are water-soluble formula fertilizer (NPK+TE), water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements, water-soluble fertilizer with medium amount of elements, water-soluble fertilizer with humic acid, microbial fungi, calcium ammonium nitrate, magnesium calcium nitrate and nitric acid. Potassium and other high-end special fertilizers.

Hongte has abundant human resources and reasonable talent structure. The company has strong cooperation with advanced universities such as China Agricultural University, Shanxi Agricultural University and Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences to provide efficient water and fertilizer management scheme for growers, and has developed a series of high-quality specialties by using organic and inorganic deep chelating European bio-extraction technology. It is a water-soluble product.

The product is suitable for the nutrients needed for the whole growth process of different crops, so that growers can quickly see the effect and performance of fertilizers. Fertilizer formulation can be adjusted according to crop growth at any time. After years of field experiments in China, it has been proved that it has a significant effect on increasing crop yield and improving crop quality.

After years of unremitting efforts and innovations, all products from raw materials to production sub-packaging, warehousing to logistics distribution to achieve visual management, strict quality control system provides a strong guarantee for high-quality products.

Hongte people always adhere to the enterprise concept of "Quality Founds the Future", adhering to the enterprise mission of "Protecting Green Agriculture and Protecting Green Mountains and Green Water", contributing to the realization of agricultural and rural modernization and helping the implementation of the national strategy of rural revitalization.

Hongte is a team full of passion and dreams. A group of vigorous young people, with the same value vision, are sprinkling their youth and sweat to realize green agriculture.

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