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10 (小严先生) Time:2019-9-19 9:57:32
Theme: 咨询
Content: 您好,我们也是肥业的,我想问下这个活动您公司是怎么入选的啊,我们也想参加,您方便说下吗?https://h5.520wtp.com/show.php?v=a71273411664b387?dch025wl
9 (任先生先生) Time:2019-8-20 10:12:52
Theme: 咨询采购
Content: 你好,最近我们有采购硝酸铵钙的计划,朋友推荐贵公司参加了十大品牌评选活动,排名反响很好,所以想更进一步咨询 。
8 dongjing naceter(Mrs wangSir) Time:2018-9-20 18:04:30
Theme: Leave a word
Content: I want to buy your products, please contact me.
Admin reply: Well. Please pay attention to your phone number
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