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     Agricultural production leaps to a new step and modern agriculture draws a new blueprint 2019.08.05
     山西宏特团建之旅——梦想起航! 2019.08.05
     Advocating Green Development of Fertilizer and Promoting Vitalization of Rural Industry 2019.07.10
     Hongte Fertilizer Cherry Base Test Field Welcomes Big Harvest 2019.07.10
     Great harvest in experimental field of garlic base in Hongte Fertilizer Industry 2018.11.10
     Maize Reform: Pricing by the market, farmers will not lose! 2018.02.21
     Hongte Fertilizer Wheat Base Test Field 2018.02.21
     Water and fertilizer integration makes crops "full" just right 2018.02.14
     Hongte help, passion Taiyuan International Marathon! 2017.09.11
     HongTe Public Welfare Bank--Donation Conference for Ai Tianyi 2017.07.08
     Microbial Fertilizer Welcomes Development Opportunities 2016.09.08
     What are the new policies for land transfer in 2016? 2016.01.21
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