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Microbial Fertilizer Welcomes Development Opportunities
Release time£º2016.09.08    Source£ºSHANXI HONGTE FERTILIZER CO.,LTD   Number of visits£º

Recently, sponsored by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, a training course on microbial fertilizer application technology co-sponsored by Jilin Soil and Fertilizer General Station, Capital Biofertilizer Science and Technology Innovation Service Union, Beijing Century Arms Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and Jilin Century Arms Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was held in Changchun. Xie Jianhua, deputy director of the National Agricultural Technology Center, Bao Weiguo, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Agricultural Committee, and other leaders, as well as grass-roots agricultural technology workers from soil and fertilizer stations and agricultural technology extension centers in all provinces, attended the meeting. Experts conducted special training on the application of microbial technology in the protection and utilization of black soil resources, the development status and application practice of Rhizobium agents in China. A kind of Xie Jianhua, deputy director of the National Agricultural Technology Center, said that the popularization and application of microbial application technology in agriculture and its achievements provided new ideas, new ways and new support for solving the contradictions and problems of current resource utilization. In the future, the experimental demonstration and promotion of microbial fertilizers should be strengthened. He emphasized that "speeding up the use of new fertilizers, especially microbial technology, is not only the requirement of agricultural supply-side reform, but also the urgent requirement of deepening the adjustment of planting structure and improving the utilization efficiency of resource elements." Agricultural technology popularization takes microbial technology application as the breakthrough point, which can strengthen the protection of cultivated land quality and effectively promote the "zero growth action of chemical fertilizer". It is an important measure to realize the strategy of "hiding land in people" and "hiding land in technology". At the same time, using microbial technology to fertilize scientifically and efficiently is an effective way to achieve zero growth of chemical fertilizer. Promoting microbial technology to play its role is also a new requirement for realizing transformation and development.

Bao Weiguo, deputy director of Jilin Provincial Agricultural Committee, said that Jilin Province attaches great importance to the promotion and application of new fertilizer technologies and new products. In order to promote the popularization and application of microbial fertilizers, nearly 20 microbial fertilizer field experiments and 7 demonstration areas have been carried out in Jilin Province in the past three years, and microbial fertilizer varieties and scientific fertilization techniques suitable for agricultural production in Jilin Province have been screened out. In the future, the scale of popularization and application will be gradually expanded, and the combination of technology, physicochemistry and technology will be realized. Agricultural development has the wings of science and technology. For the corresponding Ministry of Agriculture, the action plan of zero growth of chemical fertilizers and pesticides was put forward. Through the promotion of microbial fertilizer technology, the use of chemical fertilizers was reduced and the quality of crops was improved.

Wang Shuang, a researcher at the Institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, introduced the application of microbial technology in the protection and utilization of black soil resources. The experience of the Institute of Soil and Fertilizer of Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the application of microbial technology on black soil for many years was introduced, and combined with many practical cases, the There are difficulties in fertilizer and some achievements have been made. For example, a large amount of straw will be produced in Northeast China, but due to the low temperature in winter, which affects the activity of biological bacteria, it is difficult for straw to be degraded and returned to the field by microorganisms. In response to the national policy, Northeast China will reduce maize planting area and increase legume planting area. For this reason, Professor Chen Wenfeng from China Agricultural University explained in detail the application practice of Rhizobium in improving the yield and quality of leguminous crops. By inoculating legume crops with rhizobium, the application of nitrogen fertilizer can be greatly reduced, which has aroused great interest of agricultural extension workers in several provinces and municipalities in Northeast China.

Deng Zuke, general manager of Century Arms, said: The company actively responded to the Zero-growth policy of fertilizer of the Ministry of Agriculture. Bioorganic fertilizer and microbial fungicides have been highly recognized in the application of cultivated land protection and quality improvement projects and pilot projects of black land protection and utilization in Northeast China. We hope to serve modern agriculture with biotechnology and hope to produce grain. The source guarantees food safety and promotes the development of circular agriculture, ecological agriculture and bio-agriculture in China.

During the training period, the delegate also visited Yaowupu Village 2, Xiajiadian Street, Dehui City, and arranged the field demonstration test of "Walker" microbial microbial agent and "3414" fertilizer effect of Beijing Century Arms Biotechnology Co., Ltd. at present, the demonstration maize is growing well. Xia Maoqun, the owner of the experimental field, said happily, "Bio-fertilizer is good. Next year, my land is going to use all bio-organic fertilizer." According to Xia Maoqun's estimate, the yield of his experimental field increased by 1500 kilograms per hectare this year, and his family increased by more than 10 hectares. According to this calculation, the total yield increased by 30,000 kilograms and the income increased by more than 20,000 yuan. After on-site observation, the experts and agricultural technicians at the meeting have increased their confidence in the promotion of microbial fertilizers. 

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