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How to apply fertilizer to orange grass orchards?
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1. Apply sufficient base fertilizer before sowing grass. Before the first sowing of grass, the organic fertilizer with maturity and validity was used as base fertilizer, combined with balanced compound fertilizer and trace element fertilizer, combined with deep ploughing and soil improvement.

(1) Farmer's decomposed organic fertilizer is rich in nutrients, rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, trace elements and other organic matter. Organic matter can be decomposed by microorganisms to form humus, which can make soil cohesive or loose, enhance soil permeability and air permeability, and also improve soil fertility and water conservation capacity.

(2) It can avoid the phenomenon that nutrient demand is large at the initial stage of grass growing and competition with fruit trees for fertilizer, water and nutrients, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply of citrus trees.

(3) The application of decomposed organic fertilizer is about 10 kilograms per plant. If the tree is weak or the soil with low fertility can be applied more. All organic fertilizers should be applied as base fertilizer in autumn, and those not applied in autumn should be applied as early as February-March in spring (especially when late-maturing citrus is not easy to apply in autumn, they should be supplemented in spring). Ditching or hole digging methods should be used.

2. Apply fertilizer in time to ensure healthy growth. (1) Spring shoots were sprouted before sprouting, mainly with quick-acting nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, in order to wake up the root system and promote new shoots.

(2) The grass grows vigorously in summer, and the application of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be increased accordingly according to different growth stages. Nitrogen fertilizer was the main fertilizer in seedling stage, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer were the main fertilizer after shaping.

(3) Citrus orchards lacking of boron, zinc and calcium should be sprayed 1.5 kg of zinc sulfate, 1.0 kg of borax and 30 kg of calcium nitrate per mu before sprouting in spring; orchards lacking serious borax should also spray 0.2% borax 2-3 times on flowering leaves and 0.3% calcium fertilizer 2-3 times at young fruit stage. Magnesium-deficient citrus orchards were treated with 20-30 kg magnesium sulfate per mu at young fruit stage and 30 kg calcium-magnesium-phosphorus fertilizer combined with organic fertilizer in autumn.

(4) In late May, strong shoot and fruit-preserving fertilizer could be applied, and compound fertilizer 0.5 kg + urea 0.3 kg could be applied per plant.

_From late July to early August, strong fruit fertilizer can be applied, compound fertilizer 1.5 kg + urea 0.3 kg per plant can be applied, and strong trees can not be applied.

Fruit fertilizer was applied about 15 days before harvesting, mainly quick-acting compound fertilizer, in order to restore tree vigor quickly. Or at the end of November after fruit harvesting, immediately apply fruit-harvesting fertilizer, foliar topdressing 0.3% urea + 0.25% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution + boron, molybdenum or zinc and other trace element fertilizers, without deficiency symptoms can not be applied.

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